About Us

Anti Tasse is a blog about world biggest things like Country, Mountain, City, lake, river and many more. It sometimes written in Vietnamese and English.

Hi friends, we’re Anti Tasse! We’re a blog about the largest things in the world like countries, mountains, cities, lakes and rivers. What do you think about the world’s biggest things? Please leave your comments here. Thank you!
This blog was created on September 18, 2010 by Thống Nhất Phong Giáng Sư Khánh Hiền, a Vietnamese blogger who loves travelling, nature and animals.
He wants to create a blog about largest things in the World for entertaining. And he thinks that readers love to read about interesting or funny stuffs at this blog. So no matter what’s kind of sentences you write, you will have a good time reading this blog.
The largest things have natural beauty, they are wonderful and interesting. This blog can be a place to learn about the nature and helps children to learn about the nature by using educational information for children, so please let your friends know about this blog.
The largest things are very fun to play because of their natural beauty, it makes you happy and inspired so you can beat other people easily. If you want to be a winner, you should learn about the largest things. This blog can help children to learn about the world’s largest things and get education at the same time. That’s why this blog is for studying and seeing interesting facts about biggest things.
This blog is also a place to tell people you have met about the largest things. If you know something about the largest things, please let us know. We want to know what are the largest things in your life. Thank you!
The biggest thing in this world belongs to one country, that’s Vietnam, but what are the largest countries or cities? Well, it depends on each people.